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ATM of America, Inc. provides ATM transaction processing services for all types of businesses. This includes new businesses interested in purchasing an ATM for the first time, as well those currently ATM capable, interested in seeking an alternate provider.
  • Why should you process with ATM of America?
    • Reliability
      ATM of America, Inc. boasts a transaction approval rate of over 99% giving you, the merchant, confidence that you’re providing your customers with the most reliable ATM services available. As an ISO (Independent Sales Organization) ATM of America, Inc. maintains a direct relationship with three of the nation’s leading transaction processors, including: Elan Financial Services / US Bank, Switch Commerce, and First Data.

      The staff at ATM of America, Inc. is comprised of industry professionals with extensive experience in ATM processing, banking, and finance. While ATM of America, Inc. is departmentalized, we ensure that each team member is adequately trained in multiple aspect of the business, thus equipping each and every one of them with the skills necessary to assist you in any way possible. The knowledge and familiarity with the business itself allow the professionals at ATM of America, Inc. to provide you with the comprehensive support to operate and manage your ATM machine efficiently.

Processing Scenarios

Having ATM is easier than you think! ATM of America, Inc. provides multiple agreement options, each specifically designed to meet the various needs and wants of our diverse merchant groups. We will work together on developing a plan that best suits you.

  • Own your ATM
    • By purchasing and cash-loading your own ATM terminal, you’re entitled to 100% of the Surcharge Fee collected. A Surcharge is the transaction fee paid by the customer each time they withdraw cash from your machine. While the national surcharge fee is said to average around $2.40 per transaction - depending on the location, transaction activity, and convenience factor alone, a surcharge fee may range anywhere from $0.00 up to $20.00 per transaction or more! It may also be charged as a percentage.

      To ensure your machine is always up-and-running properly, ATM of America, Inc. utilizes an online real-time reporting system allowing you to view each and every customer transaction up-to-the-minute, review monthly activity, projected load amounts, and even create alerts to notify you when your machine is low on cash, out of service, etc. – ensuring you don’t lose a single transaction by fully-preparing you for what’s to come, well before it does!

      The money that is withdrawn from your ATM will be direct deposited into your account on a daily bases as it is withdrawn from the customer. This will allow you to keep the cash loaded in the machine to a minimum for security purposes; and makes more cash available for normal business operations.

  • Leasing your ATM
    • Not ready to buy? ATM of America, Inc. provides the opportunity to lease your machine. An ATM terminal will be supplied and installed at your requested location, free of charge. Your only obligation would be ensuring cash availability. The professionals at ATM of America, Inc. provide training on machine operation, cash loading, and security procedures. When leasing your ATM machine, the surcharge profits are shared between both parties.
  • Placement
    • If you like the idea of providing your customers with ATM services but would rather avoid the responsibility of machine maintenance and cash loading, ATM placement is the way to go. In this scenario, ATM of America, Inc. will supply and install an ATM terminal at your requested location. However with ATM placement, we also assume the responsibility of continuous maintenance and observation to ensure profits for both your business and ours. ATM placement permits you to receive an agreed-upon portion of the surcharge revenue based upon location/machine activity.

Feel free to contact a sales representative at (866) 528-6462 with any questions.


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