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Used ATM's
ATM of America, Inc. maintains a large inventory of pre-owned, re-certified machines, all of which have undergone extensive testing to ensure proper operation. These machines are accompanied by a 60-day warranty.

Feel free to contact a sales representative at (866) 528-6462 with any questions.

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Nautilus Hyosung MB1500

HANTLE Mini Bank 1500

The NH-1500 Series is the most successful ATM on the retail market over the past several years. The NH-1500 Series has been created by the innovative ATM technology as well as the market approach.


It is Triple DES compliant and provides versatile features such as voice guidance for compliance with ADA requirements, Visa EPP certified, UL standard and the unique design of Nautilus Hyosung.


Price: $1,400.00


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Tranax/Hantle MB2100

The Mini-Bank 2100 series ATM represents a combination of top-of-the-line quality and solid performance. The Mini-Bank 2000 series ATM provides a simple, reliable, and profitable ATM solution for even the most demanding retail location.


This unit is very comparable to the Mini Bank 1500 machine with just a different physical body. This unit comes standard with a 2,000 note cash dispensing unit.


Price: $1,200.00


Tranax/Hantle MB1000

The Mini-Bank 1000 is positioned for small retail market as a low cost cash dispenser. The Mini-Bank 1000 features complete modular design for easy upgrade and maintenance.


This unit is very comparable to the Mini Bank 1500 machine with just a different physical body. This unit usually comes with a 1,000 note cash dispensing unit.


Price: $1,100.00

Triton 9100

Triton 9100 ATM was designed to be the lowest cost high-performance ATM in the industry. And they have proven to be perfectly suited for owners who need functionality and performance at a lower price point.

The Triton 9100 ATM delivers unparalleled reliability and offers a number of additional features designed to maximize uptime, such as automatic error recovery. Even though the 9100 features the lowest cost of ownership in the industry, it still incorporates many of the industry's tightest security features, such as Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) and Triple DES.


Price: Currently out of Stock

Triton 9600

The 9600 comes with an array of advanced features, superior performance, unbelievable advantages, and an amazingly affordable price, it is clear that the triton 9600 is designed to be your ATM solution.

And, the triton 9600 is completely upgradable, which means the ATM is constructed to allow for new feature enhancements as needed. This ATM uses one of the most reliable DeLarue dispensers we still use in the industry today.


Price: Currently out of Stock

Hnatle C4000

The Tranax/Hantle C4000 ATM Machine represents the best-in-class convergence of ATM and self-service functionality, resulting in innovative new services and generating revenue streams for ATM Machine owners.


It is TDES and ADA compliant which provides versatile features such as voice guidance.  Also includes Visa EPP keypad and has an EMV card reader upgrade option.


Price: $1600.00

*Picture may not be of actual product. Price listed does not include shipping and/or any taxes that might be applicable. Installation charges may also be incurred. Prices listed are for current and/or new customers of ATM of America, Inc. Non customers may still purchase these machines, please contact us  for details.



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